4 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

4 Ways To Get More Facebook Page Likes

We all know that content marketing is the best way to promote your brand. If you have a Facebook page for your blog, brand or business, you may be looking for some ideas for ways to get more Facebook page likes. This is especially true for new pages, since you need to get the word out that it exists. It can be tough to build a new Facebook page these days, as it seems they are not as popular as they once were.

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Bloggers who want to promote their content need Facebook because so many people are there. That’s probably where you’ll find a significant portion of your audience.

People already like a lot of Facebook pages. They are inundated with visual stimuli in their feeds. It’s important to not just grow an audience but rather the right audience for your message.

Learn to Solve a Problem with your Facebook Page

People now, more than ever, are turning to social media to discover how to live their lives. They turn to trusted experts to answer their questions. How do I…, or, What should I do when…

As a Facebook page admin, ask yourself a few questions about what your page can offer your potential audience.

  • What benefit do they get from liking your page?
  • Are you giving relevant and useful content?
  • Are you giving them tips or helping them with a pain point?
  • Why should they care about liking your page and is this clear when they first visit the page?
  • Are you posting regularly and often?

If they go to your page and there hasn’t been a post in months, they’re going to think you’re not active and there will be no reason for them to sign up. Additionally, if the Facebook algorithm doesn’t see regular posts from your page, the bots will not be feeding your content to newsfeeds. Plus, they need to see regular interaction by people in order to feed your content to more people.

So growing the right audience is an absolute must. You want an audience who wants to turn to you because you meet their needs to solve pain points. You want to grow an audience that feels like you can relate to them on some level.

Here are four ways to get more Facebook page likes:

▬ Ask personal questions that encourage responses. 
When you get people talking, and people love to talk about themselves, you’ll discover that they share, tag, and begin a conversation. It happens naturally.

▬ Create a content strategy.
Be sure that you include in your content strategy the use of images on a regular basis. Images will stand out in Facebook’s feed and people will be more likely to see and share, leading to more likes.

▬ Engage with other pages in your niche.

You can also use your page to interact with other pages within your niche to help increase the likes to your Facebook page. To like a page as your business page, simply go to any page, then on the toolbar under the banner click the three dots and scroll to Like as Your Page. If you manage multiple pages, you’ll have to select the page you want to use. From there, on your own page, you can find See Pages Feed, to view a page’s feed AS your own page.

Be sure you’re leaving quality comments and not just spamming and running. Interact with thoughtful comments and it will also help get your page noticed by the types of people who would like it as well. Use your manners and never advertise yourself or your offers on another page unless you’ve been given permission or it’s a promo thread.

▬ Promote Your Own Facebook Page

Promote your page elsewhere. You can also promote your Facebook page in your newsletter, your emails, and on other social media networks. Promoting your Facebook page through your other channels will help to increase your Facebook page likes.

You also can promote your page by running a promotion through Facebook. By paying them a small fee, they’ll share your sponsored content to newsfeeds. The great thing about this is that you can use Facebook’s target marketing to find and target the exact audience for your brand’s message.

Now that you know these tips for getting more Facebook page likes, you’re ready to promote your page.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s not all about the likes. Likes are just a number and they don’t mean much unless you’re also getting engagement. It’s better to have 200 engaged likes than 1,200 likes and no one seeing any of your posts. So, if you have a low number of likes, don’t stress about it.

Keep sharing a message that inspires, solves problems, and targets the audience that fits your message.