Printables Can Help Grow Your Blog Business

Why Printables are a Surefire Way to Grow your Business

If you are an online influencer you need to grow your followers in order to grow your business. One surefire way to grow your online following is by offering a product or service which solves problems. Printables offer an excellent way for bloggers and other influencers to solve problems. Learn how printables can grow your blog.

Printables Can Help Grow Your Blog Business

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Printables are an easy way to give or sell something on your site. A printable can be any page that followers can download and print from their own home printer.

By adding a downloadable product or freebie to your site, you offer your readers something hands-on, branded of course, that reminds them again and again of your site.

Because a printable is delivered in a digital format you don’t have to worry about shipping. Which is why they are so easy to maintain on your website.

5 Ways that Printables Can Help You Grow Your Business

Printables can serve multiple purposes for a blogger, or business owner.

1- Printables can help you to grow a loyal following.

By providing the occasional freebie you show them how thankful you are that they are loyal and your followers will come back again, and again.

To offer them these printable pages you can set up delivery in a way that allows you to capture their email. An email is like liquid gold to an online influencer because in return you can market directly to your contact list.

Having quality printables that bring people to your site, increases pageviews, and thus, increases both advertisement dollars, and sales of your own products.

Printables can be used as an opt-in to collect email addresses. Once you have an email address you can market your own products, affiliate products, and even sponsored content to everyone on your own mailing list.

2. Printables can help you grow your blog’s revenue

Printables can be products that you sell. You can set up your site as an e-commerce site and sell products directly to your followers.

The great thing is, you have very little overhead because you only store products that are pdf printables. So no shipping and no need for setting up shelving in your garage.

Your buyer receives an email with a link where they can download their product and print it out from their own home.

3. Printables can help you grow your sales funnel

Printables can help you create a sales funnel to other products.
By using a free printable opt-in to capture interest in your site, you can lead purchasers to larger printable products that compliments the original opt-in.

Printables might seem like a lot of work. But, they don’t have to be. Rather than spending all of your time creating printables, you can simply purchase exclusive printable content.

Printables Can Help You Grow Your Blog Business