How to Promote Your Printables on Facebook

Promote Your Printable on Facebook

So, you’ve written an amazing blog post, and developed printable content to go along with it, and now you want to get the word out to everyone. What can you do? There are a lot of different ways to promote your blog post, but one way to consider is promoting it on Facebook. I’ll share how to promote your printable on Facebook.

There are countless ways to promote your blog posts, but you’re going to find that many of them are time-consuming. Facebook has about 2 billion users, and there are ways to promote your printable on Facebook for free and for very little time investment.

How to Promote Your Printables on Facebook

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How to Promote your Printable on Facebook:

• Share to your Facebook Business Page

While this is the most obvious, bloggers can often overlook this crucial step. Don’t simply share the post one time, using an app such as Post Planner, you can set up a recurring share of each post that goes out on your site. Rotating every few months, or seasonally depending on the type of post, can keep your content fresh.

•  Join Blog Tribe or Blog Share Groups

There are Facebook Groups devoted specifically to sharing your blog posts. Some are for any and all bloggers, and some are niche-specific so be sure you know what you’re joining and what the rules are, but this is a great place to start.

• Share on Your Personal Wall

You can also share your new blog posts on your personal wall. I recommend sharing the posts from your blog’s official Facebook page as a great way to get more reach. All you need to do is share the link from your Facebook page to your personal wall.

Doing this offers several possible increases for you. First, you can grow the reach of your Facebook page. Second, you might grow followers to your Facebook page. And, third, you capture a larger potential audience to your blog.

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Boost Your Post

If you have a printable or a specific blog post you really want to increase reach on, you can Boost your post. All you need to do is set up a budget and click Boost Post on the Facebook post where you shared your blog link. This is a great way to get more people to download your printable using Facebook.

You can set it for one day and use a low budget. It doesn’t have to cost you a bunch, but it will help people see your newly published blog post that contains the printable you want to promote.

Consider Using Facebook Advertisement

While boosting a post might gain you a few additional pageviews, the real results can come through using Facebook’s Advertisement feature. You can set a specific budget, target a specific audience, and even set up a Facebook Pixel to monitor how much traffic actually hits your site from the ad. Once you have your ad perfected, you’ll receive lots of downloads of your printable to help grow your email list or increase sales.

Use Great Headlines

Your title/headline is really important to encourage people to click. If it doesn’t sound interesting, they’re not going to bother. Think about all the other things they come across each day on Facebook and on the internet. Make it compelling. 

• Experiment with Different Headlines

You can also experiment with different headlines when you share your post. See which ones are getting the most clicks and the most engagement. What do people seem to respond to more?

This also helps with future posts so you can increase the reach on those as well by knowing what types of headlines people respond to.

Don’t Spam

It sounds obvious, but it still needs to be said. Many people don’t fully understand what constitutes “spamming” so keep in mind that it’s okay to share your blog post more than once, but you should spread it out throughout the day and in the days that follow after your first post. The best way to avoid looking spammy is to be sure you’re posting other things as well. Your entire Facebook wall shouldn’t be a long stream of your published posts. Engage in other ways as well, and post other interesting content. This is the best way to keep it balanced.

Now that you know how to promote your printable on Facebook, you’re ready to get started with your next post. Or, you can try promoting some posts you’ve already written and see if you can get some new traffic to them.

How to Promote Your Printables on Facebook

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